Collaborating to place construction on the careers radar.

RI Construction Career Days event slated for April 2019.

To support the pipeline that will provide the construction professionals of tomorrow, RI Construction Career Days events have become an invaluable way to introduce high school students to the possibilities in our industry. Teaming up with URI’s Schmidt Labor Research Center, along with key construction trade organizations in the state, CIRI, RIDOT and the RI building trades are sponsoring the 2019 two-day event, which is slated to take place in April.

The activities at RI Construction Career Days show participating students what the industry is about firsthand. Through hands-on experience with construction equipment, and interaction with professionals from the transportation and construction industries, students learn about the skills and education needed for various career paths.

“As a whole, the construction industry has an older and rapidly aging workforce,” says Steve Cardi II, president of CIRI. “This event is a valuable program both for our member companies and the industry at large, to promote the career possibilities in our field.”

Over the years, individual RI Construction Career Days events have attracted as many as 1600 students and 35 exhibitors. For more information on the upcoming April event, educators and potential sponsors/exhibitors are invited to call or email:

Lori Jacolucci

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