RIDOT releases latest 10-year STIP report.

State Transportation Improvement Program is roadmap for future projects.

From the outset of the RhodeWorks program, a key factor has been the expansion of forecasting for the scope and costs of the state’s overall transportation improvements effort. This organizational rigor is more important than ever, considering the value of projects undertaken is projected to be in excess of $600 million annually over the next 4 years.

As mandated by federal regulations for highway and transit funds, the Fiscal Constraint charts shown below are a detailed accounting of both expected revenue sources and forecasted expenditures for the next 4 federal fiscal years. RIDOT has also augmented the RI report to include preliminary projections beyond the 4-year mandate. The result is a comprehensive 10-year forecast that serves the overarching RhodeWorks mission of providing effective management, fiscal responsibility and program transparency.

How projects are selected for inclusion in the STIP.

The Rhode Island State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is prepared by the Division of Statewide Planning for adoption by the State Planning Council — which is comprised of state, local and public representatives, and federal advisors. For a transportation project to utilize federal funds, it must be included in the STIP.

While a project’s inclusion in the STIP is a critical step, it does not represent an allocation or obligation of funds. Projects supported with federal dollars are only guaranteed funding after review of the design, financing and environmental impacts by RIDOT, RIPTA or the USDOT.

To view and/or download the full STIP document, visit the homepage for the RI Division of Statewide Planning.


The tables shown below outline all federal and state resources reasonably expected to be available to RIDOT between FFY 2018-2021, as well as planned expenditures.

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