An energized spirit to help RhodeWorks to succeed.

Stephen A. Cardi II
CIRI President

Since the RhodeWorks legislation was enacted in February 2016, the quantity and quality of work awarded by RIDOT has been unprecedented. CIRI is not only proud to have played a major advocacy role in the passage of the RhodeWorks, we’re proud of the effort our member companies have made to execute the resulting projects with the utmost attention to quality, schedule parameters and safety considerations.

Everywhere you look across Rhode Island today, you’ll see tangible results. Our state’s residents and businesses are already benefiting from much needed improvements. This includes major projects that sat on drawing boards for decades, awaiting the dedicated and dependable funding RhodeWorks has effectively brought to the picture.

Realizing every opportunity comes with an obligation.

It’s one thing to talk about initiating a program like RhodeWorks. It’s another thing entirely to effectively put that program into action. At RIDOT, Director Alviti and his staff have literally reinvented the way infrastructure is rehabilitated and built in our state.

This initiative began with a complete reorganization of the structure of RIDOT itself. It continues to manifest itself through more streamlined planning, more efficient advertising/awarding of work, more stringent project and cost controls — and the demonstrated ability to get from award to completion within unprecedented timeframes.

To help maximize this momentum, CIRI member companies and their personnel are making a real difference at the jobsite level. Employment in our industry is at an all-time high. We’re returning the favor by doing everything we can to support and elevate the overall effort that is needed to help RIDOT succeed — and to prove the worth and wisdom of RhodeWorks to the taxpayers of Rhode Island.

Working toward a stronger economy and a safer state.

CIRI continues to foster and strengthen our relationships with Rhode Island’s key trade unions. This includes the open communication that leads to mutually beneficial agreements for their valued employees.

We’re also committed to aiding the day-to-day safety of jobsite personnel, and to help ensure they return safely to their homes at the end of their shifts. Accordingly, the CIRI Safety Committee provides a diverse offering of free courses to help them obtain and renew key certifications, as they learn about the latest techniques for more efficient and safer work practices.

In turn, the quality work provided by CIRI member companies results in the safe roads, bridges and infrastructure that is central to fueling a vibrant RI economy — while providing a safer place to live, work and visit for all concerned.

Providing a voice for heavy and highway construction.

As the ranks of our membership continue to grow, along with the active involvement of our members, CIRI is more focused than ever on our continual advocacy efforts. The CIRI Political Action Committee (PAC) is already preparing for the intensive RI General Assembly activity that will begin in January. We urge our members to help fund this effort, which ensures our voices are heard as decisions are made that affect our mutual business interests.

All of us at CIRI are looking forward to another dynamic and fruitful year for transportation initiatives in 2019. And as always, our door is open year-round to companies who would like to join our organization.




Stephen A. Cardi II
CIRI President

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