RI Question 4 widely approved for infrastructure state match.

CIRI played vital role with multifaceted advocacy campaign.

Going into 2021, the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic had severely diminished tax revenues across the board. For Rhode Island, this translated to a $20 million shortfall in gas tax revenues normally dedicated to transportation initiatives.

Leading up to the March 2 special election, the CIRI Keep Rhode Island Working multimedia campaign helped to get Question 4 approved by a 4:1 ratio with 80.36% of the vote. This authorized our state to borrow $71 million to finance the Transportation Infrastructure State Match — which in turn is enabling Rhode Island to obtain an additional $287 million in federal matching funds.

“The overwhelming voter approval of Question 4 has empowered RIDOT and our state to maintain its momentum of RhodeWorks transportation initiatives, job creation and overall economic growth at a particularly crucial time,” says Steve Cardi II, CIRI President.

CIRI sincerely thanks all our members for helping us to mount a successful campaign. We also offer special thanks to these valued industry partners who contributed to help fund the effort:

• International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 57

• National Utility Contractors Association of Rhode Island

Key campaign components:

I-95 Billboards
Facing both northbound and southbound traffic coming through Providence.

Newspaper Ads
4 weeks of local ads, plus a full-page Sunday Projo ad right before Election Day.

Statewide TV and Radio
Using the power of broadcast to bring our Keep Rhode Island Working message to life.

Our unifying Q4 campaign microsite, including simplified voting details.

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