Amended RI law simplifies certified payroll reporting
for public works contractors.

Federal forms and actual payroll records also authorized for submission.

To relieve the regulatory burden of mandatory monthly payroll reporting for public works contractors and subcontractors, the 2021 RI General Assembly has amended the Labor and Payment of Debts by Contractors law (§ 37-13-13) with the passage of matching bills in the House (H 5856 SUB A) and Senate (S 0297 SUB A). The advocacy efforts of Government Strategies, the lobbying firm retained by CIRI, were directly responsible for gaining both House and Senate approval.

As a result, contractors can now certify payrolls on certain public works projects — for DOT or other road, highway and bridge contracts — using federal forms. Also, when a complaint is being investigated following use of the federal forms, the director may now request actual payroll records instead of resubmission using the RIDLT forms. These provisions became effective on July 8, 2021.

“This amendment presents a substantial time and cost savings opportunity for our member companies, along with other public works contractors and subs,” says Mike D’Ambra, CIRI Vice President. “There is no longer a need to generate separate federal and state payroll reports.”

To review the complete text of the amended legislation, you can access both the House and Senate versions of the bill online. Note that the requirement in subsection (c) to keep logs onsite for inspection does not apply to public works projects for roads, highways or bridges.

House bill:  H 5856 SUB A
Senate bill: S 0297 SUB A

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