The need for new workers in this new era of infrastructure.

Michael D. D’Ambra • CIRI President

In the not so distant past, the term “infrastructure” had turned into a political buzzword of sorts — without much substantive progress on the national level. That has changed both quickly and dramatically.

One of the few national issues today that can garner bipartisan support, this shared enthusiasm has resulted in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). When you add this renewed national effort to the fully funded 10-year RhodeWorks plan already in midstream in Rhode Island, the result is the most infrastructure activity in our state’s history.

We need workers. And we need them now.

The challenge of filling the recruitment pipeline to meet today’s massive demands for heavy and highway construction is certainly one of the better ones to have. But it does require a serious ramp-up of our efforts to bring more people into the industry — by communicating the exceptional pay rates, benefits and long-term career possibilities we offer as a whole.

It’s time to bring some younger people into the mix.

One of our key initiatives is the careers outreach video recently produced by CIRI. It is targeted to attract young people, from new high school graduates to 20-somethings who are looking to transition to employment with a more viable career path. The 7-minute video uses engaging first-person testimonials to tell prospective employees about the current boon in heavy/highway activity — what it’s like to work in this inspired industry — and how they can get started at the entry level.

In the coming months, CIRI will be getting our “workers needed” message out via social media and other outreach channels. We invite any ideas and perspectives our members may have to help us extend and maximize this crucial effort.



Michael D. D’Ambra
CIRI President

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