Relentless advocates for heavy and highway construction:

Donate today to the CIRI PAC.

At the outset of 2021, the heavy and highway construction industry was facing a funding shortfall for key RhodeWorks projects across the state. This year, projects are coming to life everywhere you look. The new challenge is recruiting the workers needed to meet the intensive demand.

It’s always something. That’s why the year-round advocacy efforts of the CIRI Political Action Committee (PAC) are more crucial than ever. Prime examples of these multifaceted efforts include:

• The successful Question 4 awareness campaign in early 2021 to gain needed voter-approved funding

• The current aggressive outreach initiative to put our industry on the radar for young career-seekers

• The ongoing effort to keep our message front and center at the RI State House

Contributions to our PAC are crucial.
And welcome year-round.

Please consider a personal contribution today for any amount you feel is appropriate.* Simply mail it to:

CIRI Political Action Committee
615 Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 207
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* NOTE: Rhode Island State Law prohibits the acceptance of any corporate or business checks for campaign contributions. Only personal checks are an acceptable form of contribution. Donations are not tax deductible and are limited to $1,000.

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