CIRI Safety Committee continues to expand initiative.

Free training events growing in popularity and scope.

For CIRI member companies, the less-active winter season provides a good opportunity for jobsite personnel to shore up their knowledge to achieve and maintain key certifications. In the lead-up to peak construction season, the CIRI Safety Committee again provided a variety of courses and seminars — all of them free for employees of CIRI member companies.

“We’ve generated great response with numerous attendees across our diverse slate of courses and seminars,” says Peter Robbins, Chairman of the CIRI Safety Committee, “and participation continues to increase. The word is getting out that we’re running a very worthwhile safety education program, both through our network of safety managers and through companies who’ve taken advantage of this opportunity.”

Widening access beyond the CIRI membership.

The 2016-2017 training season also marks the first time events sponsored or co-sponsored by CIRI have been formally offered via additional organizations such as AGC-RI and NUCARI here in Rhode Island, along with MA trade groups such as CIM and the MAAPA. This is in addition to the RI unions who have previously sent workers to attend the CIRI programs.

The programs themselves are often a collaborative effort, involving key transportation construction industry partners/allies along with other companies serving our sector. A good example is the recent Construction Insurance Seminar presented and funded by Starkweather & Shepley, Inc.

Pictured here at the 2017 CIRI MSHA Safety Seminar are: Michael Flaherty and Peter Jacavone III, sales managers for Starkweather & Shepley; Robert Dow, MSHA supervisory inspector; Michael D. D’Ambra, CIRI president; and Peter Robbins, chairman of the CIRI Safety Committee.

Tapping the committee’s synergy for the greater good.

Driven by its regular monthly meetings, the CIRI Safety Committee openly shares safety-related information, resources and best practices among the group. The knowledge and expertise amassed by the group also assists CIRI’s advocacy efforts concerning safety legislation being proposed.

“Safety is too important for this effort to be a competitive one,” Robbins concludes. “We have some very experienced safety pros on the committee and across our membership. This enables us to help elevate the quality and effectiveness of safety programs across our member companies. It also gives us a knowledgeable voice that legislators respect, as we advocate for or against various bills being proposed on the state or national level.”

Recent Training & Seminar Events.

Highway Tech  Supervisor Certifications
CPR / First Aid Class
Rigging & Signaling Training
ESHI Mine Safety Training
Excavation Competence Person Training
Crane & Rigging Seminar
Construction Insurance Seminar

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