A mission of maintaining our state’s momentum.

Stephen A. Cardi II
CIRI President

Like many other states, in the not so distant past, Rhode Island was mired in the effects of a prolonged recession. As I begin my term as President of CIRI, I’m seeing a state that is now energized by the progress and prospects of these exciting times.

As we wait for the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan on a national level, the State of Rhode Island has taken control of its own destiny. With the landmark RhodeWorks program now in its third year, we’re already reaping the benefits.

Leveraging a renewed sense of synergy.

Thanks to the dedicated and dependable funding provided by RhodeWorks, our member companies are aggressively tackling the infrastructure needs of our state — while helping RIDOT to prove the wisdom and value of this visionary program to the taxpayers of Rhode Island.

In leading this charge, Director Alviti and RIDOT have truly transformed the agency into a highly efficient engine. The volume of work being initiated is nothing short of remarkable. New, innovative building techniques are being used to execute projects while streamlining both costs and schedules. RIDOT has also made a prudent commitment to bolstering its maintenance component — to safeguard RI’s infrastructure investments for decades to come.

Putting Rhode Islanders back to work.

The multiplier effect of heavy and highway construction activity is a benefit that has long been documented. The first two years of RhodeWorks saw the addition of 3,700 new construction jobs. These are jobs that fuel additional employment in related fields, while boosting state revenues from related goods and services — creating additional momentum for the continued betterment of our state, its economy and its people.

In addition to our intense commitment to worksite safety and compliance, CIRI realizes the importance of maintaining positive partnerships between our member companies and Rhode Island’s key trade unions. As such, the CIRI Labor Relations Committee continues to play a valuable role in forging consensus and collective bargaining agreements that are mutually beneficial.

Keeping advocacy efforts on the front burner.

To keep this positive momentum going, CIRI is continuing its ongoing advocacy efforts. On the state level, these include the annual efforts of the CIRI Political Action Committee (PAC) during the RI General Assembly, along with our official role on the State Transportation Advisory Committee. On the national level, our membership in the American Road & Transportation Builders of America (ARTBA) helps this dynamic organization to keep the nation’s transportation construction and funding needs front and center in Washington. I have personally been honored to serve ARTBA as a Director.

There has never been a better time to join in.

With these multifaceted challenges at hand, we look forward to the participation of our membership to help protect our mutual business interests — while helping CIRI to serve the wider interests of our state and nation.

If you’re not yet a CIRI member, we’d like you to know our door to enrollment is always open.




Stephen A. Cardi II
CIRI President

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