Putting heavy and highway construction on the radar early.

CIRI Careers Video targets new graduates and young workers.

For a young person in today’s working world, it can be relatively easy to find a job. It’s much harder to find a satisfying profession that can actually lead to a long-term career. Beyond that, taking on the massive cost and time-intensive effort needed for college is often out of the question. Plus, a degree in many fields is no guarantee of landing a job that can effectively help to pay off student loans.

The approximately 7-minute video recently produced by CIRI addresses these issues, while offering heavy and highway construction as a viable career option. Viewers get to hear what the industry is like via engaging statements from industry pros — and from apprentices whose lives have already been transformed by the experience.

A solid way to build a future.

With the volume of infrastructure projects at an all-time high, both locally and nationally, heavy and highway construction holds great promise. This is especially true for young, ambitious men and women who are looking for a great-paying job with excellent benefits — a pathway to build a stable long-term career — and a wealth of opportunities to continue learning, growing and moving up the ladder.

Earn while you learn.
With no-cost training.

In the Southern New England region alone, there are 17 different trade apprenticeship programs that offer free pathways to get started quickly with no-cost training facilities and paid internships to gain on-the-jobsite training. Pre-apprenticeship programs are also available through Building Futures Rhode Island, a non-profit organization that has already placed 300+ of its graduates in registered apprenticeship programs in the construction industry.

Good money from the get-go.
Skills you will own for life.

“This industry offers some of the best opportunities for young people to enter into a profession, and to begin making good money right from day one,” says Peter Alviti, Jr. PE, Director of RIDOT. “And there are plenty of opportunities beyond the entry level that will get you into management and other aspects of the construction industry that are available.”

View the CIRI Careers Video:
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To inquire about apprenticeship opportunities:
Visit the Building Futures Rhode Island website at bfri.org.

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