CIRI T&I Committee proposed to leverage latest technology.

Technology & Innovation Committee intended to help
members explore advanced methods and processes.


Advanced technologies and heightened best practices are increasingly being integrated into all aspects of the construction process: from initial design to project management and execution. Timely assimilation of these advances in the heavy and highway construction industry is crucial to elevating our overall productivity and image.

Accordingly, CIRI is proposing to create a Technology & Innovation Committee to help members stay ahead of the curve by embracing emerging innovations to increase efficiency and productivity — while enhancing quality for all projects across the board.

Specific areas of focus for the committee’s mission would include:

Improved communication and collaboration. The committee would serve as a platform for CIRI contractors to share information and ideas on new technologies and industry best practices. This in turn will improve communication with owners and subcontractors while promoting our industry’s reputation and growth.

Identification and promotion of new technologies. The committee will help identify and promote the adoption and standardization of field-proven technologies to effectively improve project outcomes.

Access to knowledge and expertise. By aggregating a wealth of knowledge and expertise, the committee can help members stay up-to-date on industry trends and advancements, while providing opportunities for professional development.

Elevating the CIRI-RIDOT synergy to a new level. The collaborative CIRI-RIDOT integration of new advances and best practices will further enable us to meet and exceed our mutual goals for compressing schedules, maximizing quality and streamlining costs.

Outreach/collaboration with higher education. The committee will look to deepen its relationships with Rhode Island’s colleges and universities to help attract new career candidates who are already here in the state. Ideas for building our talent pipeline and advancing our industry include mentorship opportunities, along with tapping into academic knowledge from students, professors and their research/grant programs.

Interested in participating in the T&I Committee?

We invite our member companies to apprise us of team members who would be interested in lending their time and expertise to the proposed CIRI Technology & Innovation Committee. To share information on potential candidates and/or for more details, contact the CIRI office at:

401.738.8530 |


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