CIRI recruitment social media poised for full-on effort.

Facebook/Instagram campaign to address multiple audiences.

After undergoing an initial testing flight earlier this year, the CIRI social media recruitment campaign has been fine-tuned in light of initial results and feedback. The campaign was restarted in late April to resume the process of generating leads for various free training programs and paid apprenticeships conducted by Building Futures Rhode Island, the New England region of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) and the various trade organizations represented by LIUNA.

One of our campaign landing pages: each customized for a specific audience.

The substantial task of processing and triaging leads is being performed by Building Futures, a construction industry partnership focused on workforce development through the Registered Apprenticeship model. Its multiphase process includes establishing an initial dialogue with respondents to determine their level of knowledge and skills — while exploring potential individual interests — in order to help each person find an appropriate path to pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship.

“The heavy and highway construction industry needs a consistent pipeline for new workers both now and for years to come,” says Tim Scanlon, CIRI executive director. “The idea is to enable young people to learn about what we offer, even if they’re still in school, and to put our industry on their radar early. We also want to appeal to people still in the just-a-job stage who want to latch onto a real career.”

Lighting a spark of interest with only seconds to spare.

Attention spans on social media are shorter than ever. Accordingly, the initial flight for the CIRI campaign focused on A/B testing of various ad formats, approaches and lengths. Based on those results, we honed our library of ads down to the best performers from that limited flight in terms of engagement and clickthrough. Our landing pages and response forms have likewise been streamlined as much as possible to encourage immediate reaction, and to entice page visitors to submit a request for more information.

Help extend the reach of our campaign.

In addition to the activity generated within the Facebook/Instagram campaign itself, we invite members to help spread the word. Click on the images above to view sample video ads, along with this link to our landing page for general audiences. Then share them with them with associates, families and friends who may have interest.

“The potential and benefits of a heavy and highway construction career need to become known by a much wider audience,” adds Mike D’Ambra, CIRI president. “We also need a steady stream of new workers to keep maximizing our performance and growth.”

Visit this webpage for more information. Share the link with associates, family and friends.

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