Continually working to expand our services and impact.

CIRI has played a vital role for the RI heavy and highway construction industry since its founding in 1975. Over the years, our core mission — across the areas of advocacy, education, consensus building and collaboration — has continued to evolve in numerous ways. And as we enter the 2023 prime construction season, CIRI is providing its members with the widest scope of services and advantages in our history.

Michael D. D’Ambra • CIRI President

Tapping into new efficiencies to help our members prosper.

The sheer volume of work today is a challenge in itself. To meet the demands of projects already in motion and on the horizon, we need to adopt the latest technology and methods quickly and effectively. Accordingly, we’ve proposed the creation of a CIRI Technology & Innovation Committee to help members explore, assimilate and leverage the most promising tech innovations.

In February and March, CIRI sponsored four executive training sessions presented by FMI — a leading consulting firm serving construction and related industries. This free customized offering covered a range of strategic, management and performance topics to help project executives improve long-term efficiency and profitability.

Addressing project needs from the ground up.

CIRI also continues to provide significant support at the jobsite level. Key 2023 initiatives include the escalation of our recruitment campaign to attract new and young talent to our industry — the continuation of our valuable safety certification programs — and our year-round advocacy efforts on the legislative and regulatory fronts.

This is a period of unprecedented opportunity for heavy and highway construction in Rhode Island. We welcome your ideas and perspectives to help us assist your efforts in any way we can.



Michael D. D’Ambra
CIRI President

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