Monitoring the IIJA process for effective implementation.

ARTBA engaging with Biden administration on regulatory details.

Allocation of funding for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is just the first step toward effective implementation. Throughout 2022, ARTBA leaders have been engaging with the executive branch and federal agencies to advance the priorities of the transportation construction industry — and to ensure the new law delivers true infrastructure solutions.

“The law’s programs and policies were a carefully-crafted, bipartisan achievement,” says Dave Bauer, ARTBA president and CEO. “Their implementation must move forward with the law’s intent top of mind.”

The ARTBA regulatory affairs team is tracking the 75+ actions that could impact transportation projects across the country. The result is a continually updated regulatory matrix on the ARTBA website, cataloging each provision and statutory deadline.

In addition, ARTBA’s multifaceted advocacy efforts are addressing issues such as streamlined project delivery through the One Federal Decision executive order, reducing environmental review delays, the Buy America provisions of the IIJA — and the ARTBA’s desired designation of site workers as vulnerable road users (VRUs) for increased safety and protection.

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