Addressing the varied needs of our membership at all levels.

Michael D. D’Ambra • CIRI President

The volume of infrastructure projects in Rhode Island is at an all-time high. This presents outstanding opportunities along with substantial challenges. With this in mind, CIRI is undertaking several important initiatives to provide member companies with the knowledge and resources they need to take full advantage of the current construction boom. These initiatives include:

Outreach efforts to attract new workers to the industry.

Many companies and industries today are competing for workers who are generally in short supply. The heavy and highway construction industry also needs to attract younger workers, including many who know nothing of its income, career and growth potential. CIRI will soon be reaching out to these young candidates via a social media campaign — leveraging content from the CIRI Careers Video produced earlier this year.

Free FMI executive training for CIRI members.

Today more than ever, the profitability and growth potential of a company depends on the ability to build, nurture and maintain executive-level staff with exceptional skills and insight. To help members enhance and maximize this crucial business asset, CIRI has enlisted FMI — a leading consulting firm serving companies working in our industry — to customize an executive training offering. The resulting multi-course training will begin soon, free of charge to CIRI members.

As we look forward to the 2023 building season, CIRI will continue to look for ways to help our members avail themselves of the unprecedented opportunities at hand.



Michael D. D’Ambra
CIRI President

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