Legislative Watch

Bills of interest passed in the 2022 RI General Assembly.

Our organization’s activities in government relations provide a significant service to CIRI members and the construction industry at large. During the 2022 General Assembly sessions, CIRI’s efforts again included monitoring of all bills submitted to the General Assembly. While there were no bills requiring active advocacy for support or opposition, here are several new laws passed that are of interest to our members.

Corrosion prevention and mitigation work requirements

Requires all contractors and subcontractors who perform construction, alteration, demolition, installation, repair or maintenance work, pursuant to public works contracts, to comply with industry standards for infrastructure corrosion prevention.
H 6613 S 2303

Motor and other vehicles: size, weight and load limits

Transfers all responsibility for oversize/overweight permitting to the Department of Transportation and amends and increases fines for all oversize and overweight infractions.
H 7834 S 2770

Relocation of utility services

Amends the formula used to reimburse a utility facility or company for the cost of relocation necessitated by highway construction.
H 7604 S 2771

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